Saturday, March 1, 2014

Maiden Light

This video has definitely been a labor of love for me and everybody involved.  Despite its close location, hiking up to The Maiden is kind of a schlep as Front Range climbing goes.  Lugging a bunch of gear up there over and over again in oppressively hot weather was quite exhausting!   The post production offered up some unique storytelling challenges as well.  To top it off, creating the art and writing and recording the original music made the completed video that much more of a labor of love for me.  Thanks to Tim Davis for his vision, endless psyche, and for making this wonderful collaboration happen. And of course, thanks to Ashley Smith for pushing her wonderful dance skills to the next level.   Also, thanks to Jack Ellenberger for additional camera work and Jenn Friedberg for photo and audio assistance.   


  1. Amazing, scary, triumphant!!!! :-) so glad she took the time to emphasise, practice, harness, and Go!!! Beautiful, yet so just faith out there and for real!!

  2. Magnificent! It seems so insane to try, and yet was so beautiful!
    Absolutely beautiful and graceful!

  3. Absolutely stunning! Nice work to all!

    I think it would be a big step up for her to take this to Yosemite. Hanging from the Leaning Tower, the Half Dome visor, the Shield Headwall or Alcove on El many possibilities in an amazing place. Well done and thanks for sharing! Cheers!