Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday Cheer - (Greatest Hits)

Rois and I have released a greatest hits album with nine Christmas songs compiled from our two previous Christmas albums.  If you haven't heard any of the songs, here's the scoop: We recorded the songs primarily as "one-takes," pushing the record button and hoping for the best.  What we ended up with was a parody - reinterpreted holiday songs of  incongruous melodies and keys teetering on the edge of awesome and ridiculous.  I am aware that the holiday season is over, but don't fret because other than some fragmented Christmas and Honukkah lyrics, these songs barely resemble their ubiquitous influences.  However, if you're hoping to continue the holiday cheer, this album may just do the trick. The nine song album is available here for only $5.50 as a digital download. 


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