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  A discussion of fine-art pricing
          Over the years, I have made a concerted effort to keep my art prices as low as I can.  As much as possible, I sell my art by word of mouth, outside of galleries.  This allows me to avoid a 40-60% markup to cover the gallery's cut (Yah, in case you didn't know, usually an artist decides how much they want to earn for their artwork and then the gallery marks it up 40-60% and the consumer pays twice as much as the art was intended to sell for).  I believe that art is extremely important, and for me it is a necessity.  However, I also realize that art is a luxury, and I would prefer for my artwork to hang on admirers' walls instead of my own.  Pricing art is an abstract process muddled by hidden costs and nonlinear methods of creation.  Time delegated to painting, drawing and other media account only for a fragment of an artist's labor, and completed artwork represents a mere fraction of the artistic process. One of the hidden costs is the countless hours artists spend fostering inspiration.  Sometimes this inspiration presents itself with minimal effort - maybe while drinking a cup of coffee.  Conversely, this inspiration can also take a lifetime to realize.  Should an artist be lucky enough to find inspiration, they will undoubtedly encounter creative blocks.  This creative process is unique for each individual artist and for me it changes with each creation.  It is simultaneously exhausting and wonderful and is what ultimately brings life to art.
In conclusion, art is difficult and time consuming.  Be it as it may, in keeping with my goal of making my art more affordable, I am now producing prints of my original artwork.  After much searching, I found a superb printer who does justice to my original artwork with limited edition giclee (zhee-klay) prints.  A giclee print is a high-quality, archival reproduction.  This means that each component of the reproduction process, including the paper, the ink, and the printing, is of the utmost quality.  The combination of exceptional pigment based inks and thick, archival paper produces a print almost indistinguishable from the original.  Furthermore, the archival printing process maintains the quality of the print for hundreds of years - especially if it is framed well.  Each of my prints is hand signed, numbered, and I also include additional unique hand drawn markings on each print. 

About my art
Most of my illustrations are inspired by landscapes that are influential to me both for their beauty and relevance in my own life as a climber. Some of my illustrations are rather literal representations of specific landscapes, while others are more figurative.  As you may have noticed, most of my art is marked with lettering or text.  This style of mine has developed over the years out of my love for book-arts and my own journaling.  At some point I started incorporating these influences into my art, and believe that is represents the propensity for these exquisite landscapes to elicit powerful human emotions.   Sometimes this text is legible while other times it is simply jumbled letters or words with less literal meaning.  Most of the time, it is unimportant what the text says.  Instead, the text is commonly used as conceptual design alluding to a connection to the landscape which  transcends its beauty.  The text is representative of something deeper - a unique, inquisitive human experience.  In this way, I hope to share something different that a beautiful landscape photograph cannot accomplish.  The laborious and sometimes obsessive quality of the lettering and details in my illustrations are synonymous with my own obsessions and yearnings for these wonderful places  
 How To Purchase
 Please look below each image for options. Immediately below the image is a description of the art: title, size (in inches), and price of originals and prints.  Below that is a tab for choosing the type you're interested in.  Many of the originals are already sold.  If so, it is listed as "SOLD" below the image.  Make sure you choose the correct option depending on your preference for framed or unframed.  Everything is handled through Paypal. After receiving the payment, Paypal notifies me, and I will ship your art.  It can take up to two weeks to receive your print.  If you have any questions, please contact me at  Please enjoy.

 I make my own handmade, finely crafted frames.  They are constructed with poplar wood, reinforced beautiful splinted miter joints, and plexiglass.  The illustrations are floating on 1/4 inch foam core, creating a wonderful shadow and contrast.  Smaller prints are listed with a "framed" option for an additional cost. I have chosen not to include a "framed" option for the larger illustrations due to the cost of shipping which can be cost prohibitive.  However, if you are interested in a larger print with a frame, please contact me for pricing.  While I believe that my frames complement my art very well, I understand that framing is expensive - materials and labor add up!  If you purchase an unframed print, I encourage you to find a nice frame!  The print will look much nicer on your wall and it will last much longer. 

Saturated Snowpatch   - 22" x 14" (prints/ original (SOLD)


Saturated Needles (The Needles, CA) - 22" x 14"  (prints: $120 / original (SOLD): $275)


The Valley Saffron (Yosemite) -  22" x 14" (prints / original (SOLD)


Pingora - 22" x 14" (prints / original(SOLD))


Luminous Liberty Bell -  22"x14"  (prints: $120 / original : $300)


Rockfellow Group (Cochise) - 22" x 13" (prints: $115 / original (SOLD): $275)


Saturated Dome - 20" x 13" (prints: $115 / original (SOLD)


Cirque Dreams  - 20"x 13" (prints $115 / original (SOLD)


Sapphire Tetons - 22"x14" -(prints: $115 / original: (SOLD) $275)


Diamond Dreams #1  - 15" x 11.5"  (print:$110  / original:$275(SOLD)


Saturated Cathedrals - 16.5" x 10.5" (print:$110 / original: SOLD)


House Range - 22" x 13" (prints: $115 / original: $275)


Dreaming of Patagonia -  22" x 12"  (print:$120 / original:$275 )


"Wild Iris" (International Climbers' Festival poster - 2014) - 13" x 15" (prints: $100 / original (SOLD): $215


Cathedral Journal -  11" x 9"  ( print:$85 / original(SOLD)


Three Patriarchs    -  12" x 9"  (original: $150 / print:$90)


The Diamond (2011 Access Fund t-shirt) 14" x 8.5"  (original:SOLD / print:$85)


original:$450  / prints: $215


original: $450 / prints: $215


original: $450   / prints: $215 


Prints and original


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Maiden Light

This video has definitely been a labor of love for me and everybody involved.  Despite its close location, hiking up to The Maiden is kind of a schlep as Front Range climbing goes.  Lugging a bunch of gear up there over and over again in oppressively hot weather was quite exhausting!   The post production offered up some unique storytelling challenges as well.  To top it off, creating the art and writing and recording the original music made the completed video that much more of a labor of love for me.  Thanks to Tim Davis for his vision, endless psyche, and for making this wonderful collaboration happen. And of course, thanks to Ashley Smith for pushing her wonderful dance skills to the next level.   Also, thanks to Jack Ellenberger for additional camera work and Jenn Friedberg for photo and audio assistance.   

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This is a short promotional piece I made for Paradox Sports ( Paradox Sports is a wonderful organization that provides inspiration, opportunities, and adaptive equipment to the disabled community, empowering their pursuit of a life of excellence through human powered outdoor sports. This video showcases a Paradox Sports ice climbing event in Ouray, Colorado and demonstrates the ingenuity and tenacity of the Paradox Sports founders, volunteers, and participants.

"Show Up And We'll Figure It Out" from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday Cheer - (Greatest Hits)

Rois and I have released a greatest hits album with nine Christmas songs compiled from our two previous Christmas albums.  If you haven't heard any of the songs, here's the scoop: We recorded the songs primarily as "one-takes," pushing the record button and hoping for the best.  What we ended up with was a parody - reinterpreted holiday songs of  incongruous melodies and keys teetering on the edge of awesome and ridiculous.  I am aware that the holiday season is over, but don't fret because other than some fragmented Christmas and Honukkah lyrics, these songs barely resemble their ubiquitous influences.  However, if you're hoping to continue the holiday cheer, this album may just do the trick. The nine song album is available here for only $5.50 as a digital download. 


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Access Fund : 20th anniversary t-shirt

Check out The Access Fund's 20th anniversary T-shirt.  I did the illustration and Prana did an amazing job - the silk-screen quality is superb!  If you're wondering, it's an illustration of "The Diamond" on Longs Peak.

"Just a Couple Of Climbers"

Here's a video I put together for Girls Education International (GEI), a wonderful organization started by Heidi Wirtz and Lizzy Scully which serves to expand and support educational opportunities for underserved females in remote and undeveloped regions of the world.  Please enjoy and check out


Here's a short video from a climbing course I taught recently in Cochise Stronghold, AZ.....what a magical place!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hula Holloween

The one and only Megas, hooping in his Holloween attire.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Backyard Project

Biking and climbing - Two of my passions.  This is a preview for a video in-progress about biking to access climbing around Boulder, Colorado - something which is quite convenient but under utilized.  The rules: pick a challenging climb near Boulder, bike to it, and "project" it.  This video is not about cutting edge "projecting;" Instead, it's about the visceral human experience of climbing, and accentuating the process and accomplishment by biking to it.  As with much of my work, I attempt to highlight a sense of place, the human experience, and a passion for art and adventure.  In this teaser I attempted to showcase some of the intimate, expressionistic sides of climbing as well as its nuances: preparing food and gear, thinking about the climb, and climbing as artistic inspiration.  As with most of my work, I've written and recorded all the music.  The final video will include additional footage of my friends working on their own "projects," and additional original music with found sounds from bicycles, rocks, and climbing gear.      In the finished video, I want the term "project" to serve as more than a term for frequenting a climbing route, but instead as a metaphor for the merging of climbing, biking, music, and art into a collaborative pursuit.

The Backyard Project from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Groovin' Easter

Cleaning the groover is not a coveted undertaking.  However, last Easter three students on a NOLS course I taught kept a great attitude during their first groover cleaning.  This video proves that one can laugh, smile and have quite a memorable experience during what is usually perceived as a despicable task.

A Groovin' Easter from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Biking, Climbing, "The Naked Edge," Biking.....A Good Day!

       I recently received excellent feedback on one of my videos that read like this:  "I really enjoyed this video. It's one that starts with a message as simple as " 'what we did today,'" and transforms it into something that stirs deeply within all of us. Makes us ask ourselves deep questions and remember why we are compelled to search for that transcendent experience in the mountains."
       I am not always sure what compels me to create art - this misunderstanding may be what I enjoy most.  However, I value other interpretations of my art as much as my own.  I really appreciated this feedback.  It provokes self reflection and provides as much clarity as I could - maybe more.  While I am not capturing cutting edge climbers on first ascents - I am trying to share a little bit of myself and the connections between my adventures and the emotional responses elicited - maybe the same internal experience many other climbers have.  Utilizing my own music and drawings assists in the depiction of the human experience.
        I am prideful towards Boulder, CO.  The luxury of biking to multiple climbing areas from my house is occasionally taken for granted.  Warm up on the bike, climb, and finally enjoy the wind in my hair on the way home - what a great day!  This is a video of my friend Jake and I climbing "The Naked Edge," 5.11c in Elderado Canayon.  Such an excellent climb that I had to do it twice that week!

Biking, climbing, "The Naked Edge," Biking....a Good Day. from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spindrift: Climbing Diaries #3 (FUN RATING: 2)

Sometimes the weather makes a story. During my first ice climbing excursion of the season; persistent spindrift, sluffing, and wind produced quite an compelling experience on a very moderate route. Spindrift blew so violently into the snow-choked gully that breathing was challenging. While the ice was mediocre and the weather uncooperative, we savored the exquisite scenery and terrain indicative of Chasm Lake in  Rocky Mountain National Park, returning to the car without frostbite and only minor wind-burn.  On the Fun Scale, I gave this day a "2" - which means "not fun now but fun later."  This rating seems commonplace within the fun-scale rating of outdoor adventure.  Maybe the ubiquitous "feeling alive" is most easily appreciated with hindsight when we're dry and warm.

Spindrift from Craig Muderlak on

Friday, October 1, 2010

Blownminds Climbing Diaries #2: My birthday on the Scenic Cruise

 As my climbing partner and I drive towards the invisible canyon rim, the precipitous gorge of the mysterious Black Canyon of The Gunnison seemed incongruous in the flat scrub oak and juniper high plains. We knew it was going to be hot, but we drove six hours to do one of the most coveted climbs in Colorado, and we were determined to make it happen.
"The Scenic Cruise," 5.10d ascends the North Chasm View Wall in the Black Canyon (The Black) of The Gunnison. This route is sort of an anomaly because unlike many of the climbs in The Black, which are described as adventurous with poor-quality rock, "Scenic Cruise" is characterized by exquisite rock with comparatively straight-forward climbing.
Considering we climbed the second half of the 1700 foot route under the sweltering sun, our decision to climb with two liters of water each seemed prudent. We topped-out on the canyon rim in good spirits with only minor dehydration and heat exhaustion.

My birthday on the Scenic Cruise from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Threading The Needle

         It had been raining every morning and evening in the front range of Colorado causing flooding in Denver and other towns.  Climbing seemed unrealistic.  The weather kept other climbers at home, but we decided to take our chances, and we were able to find a small window of fair weather to "thread the needle" in between storms and make an ascent of "Pervertical Sanctuary," 5.11a in Rocky Mountain National Park on the "Diamond" of Longs Peak. 
          This video is a celebration of the Diamond, which is in my opinion one of the most exquisite rock features in the United States.   From the approach hike, hunkering under boulders, avoiding lightening, deterring marmots from chewing on our gear, swimming in ice-cold lakes, to climbing one of the greatest routes in Colorado, this video highlights the entire process of climbing at 14,000 feet on the diamond.  Together, the video, animation, and unique music all created by the climbers produce a diary exemplifying the passion of two climbers playing in the mountains.

Threading The Needle from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Access Fund

I am the latest featured photographer for the Access Fund's Vertical Times publication.  The Vertical Times is published three times a year and each issue features a photographer/artist.  In this issue, you can see a series of my photos and drawings.  This link will take you to the downloadable pdf on the Access Fund's website.

"Threading The Needle" - The Diamond

This is a stop-animation drawing I did of "The Diamond."  "The Diamond" is a prodigious 1500 foot face on Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.  This precipitous, rock wall is a magical place both for sightseers and especially for climbers.  The wall features a generous selection of high quality crack climbs of moderate to expert ratings, both free-climbing and aide climbing.  What makes this face so unique is it's quality of climbs at such a high altitude - up to 14,000ft.  This drawing video was influenced by a recent climb I did with my friend Tim Davis.  We climbed"Pervertical Sanctuary" 5.lla, one of the highest quality climbs I've ever done.  I'm currently collaborating with Tim on a video of the entire trip which will include parts of this animation.  The imagery at the end of the video is clouds and rain devouring "The Diamond" which was indicative of the day we climbed and thus the inspiration for the title, "Threading the Needle," finding some good weather in between persistent afternoon thunderstorms.  After a wonderful day of climbing alone on the Diamond - something which rarely happens - we finished our final two rappels in hail and rain and dodged lightening on our hike out.   Oh yah, the song is a cover of Elvis' "Love Me Tender" played by myself and Colin Frazer.

Threading The Needle from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Walls, Texture, and Growth "

"South Gunsight Peak"
Series of drawings created with pen, ink, coffee wash.  I used unusual line pattern and typography to create textures and shadows. 
"Rainbow Wall"