Saturday, November 22, 2014

Please Visit my new website at to view my entire art portfolio and to purchase prints and originals.  Thanks!

    About my art
Most of my illustrations are inspired by landscapes that are influential to me both for their beauty and relevance in my own life as a climber. Some of my illustrations are rather literal representations of specific landscapes, while others are more figurative.  As you may have noticed, most of my art is marked with lettering or text.  This style of mine has developed over the years out of my love for book-arts and my own journaling.  At some point I started incorporating these influences into my art, and believe that is represents the propensity for these exquisite landscapes to elicit powerful human emotions.   Sometimes this text is legible while other times it is simply jumbled letters or words with less literal meaning.  Most of the time, it is unimportant what the text says.  Instead, the text is commonly used as conceptual design alluding to a connection to the landscape which  transcends its beauty.  The text is representative of something deeper - a unique, inquisitive human experience.  In this way, I hope to share something different that a beautiful landscape photograph cannot accomplish.  The laborious and sometimes obsessive quality of the lettering and details in my illustrations are synonymous with my own obsessions and yearnings for these wonderful places.
About the Prints
My artist proof prints (AP) are created by adding original, hand-drawn additions to giclee (zhee-klay) prints.  A giclee print is a high-quality, archival reproduction.  Each component of the reproduction process, including the paper, the ink, and the printing, is of the utmost quality.  The combination of exceptional pigment based inks and thick, archival paper produces a print almost indistinguishable from the original.  Furthermore, the archival printing process maintains the quality of the print - especially if it is framed well.  Because I add additional hand-drawn components,  each print is labeled an artist proof and is essentially a unique, one-of-a-kind print.  Each print is hand-signed and labeled AP.   

 How To Purchase
Please look below each image for options. Immediately below the image is a description of the art: title, size (in inches), and price of originals and prints.  Below that is a tab for choosing the type you're interested in.  Many of the originals are already sold.  If so, it is listed as "SOLD" below the image.  Make sure you choose the correct option depending on your preference for framed or unframed.  Everything is handled through Paypal. After receiving the payment, Paypal notifies me, and I will ship your art.  Due to the time consuming nature of building the frames please allow up to two weeks for shipment and one week for unframed prints.  If you have any questions, please contact me at  Please enjoy.

International Shipping
If you live outside of the United States, the answer is yes, I can ship to you.  However, please contact me before purchasing! Email me first so I can provide you with a shipping estimate and we can then handle payment. Unframed prints cost about $40 to ship to Europe and $70 framed, however this is only an estimate.    

Please read description and view images of my frames in the tab labeled "Frame" located at the top of this page.


Please Visit my new website at to view my entire art portfolio and to purchase prints and originals.  Thanks!

"Be With Me on The Mountain, Be With Me in My Mind #1"(Mt. Waddington)-15" x 7"(Original & prints available)

Saturated Hulk - 22" x 14" (prints available / original SOLD)

Waddington Script - 22" x 14"( prints available / original (SOLD)

Devil's Tower  - 22" x 14" (prints / original available)

Half Dome Script - 15" x 15"  ( prints available / original (SOLD)

Minaret Script (Bugaboos) - 22" x 14" (original and prints available)

Flatiron Script - 22" x 14" (prints available / original(SOLD)

                         The Watchman (Zion) - 22" x 14" (original and prints available)

The Black Canyon - 22" x 14"   (original (SOLD)/ prints available)

Saturated Whitney - 22" x 14" (original and prints available)

Eldorado Aglow - 22" x 14" - (original(SOLD) / prints available)

Red Rock - 22" x 14" (prints  / original(SOLD)

Saturated Snowpatch   - 22" x 14" (prints / original (SOLD)

Saturated Needles (The Needles, CA) - 22" x 14"  (prints  / original (SOLD)

The Valley Saffron (Yosemite) -  22" x 14" (prints / original (SOLD)

Pingora - 22" x 14" (prints / original(SOLD)

Luminous Liberty Bell -  22"x14"  (prints:  / original : SOLD)

Rockfellow Group (Cochise) - 22" x 13" (prints / original (SOLD)

Saturated Dome - 20" x 13" (original (SOLD), prints available)

Cirque Dreams  - 20"x 13" (original (SOLD), prints available)

Sapphire Tetons - 22"x14" -(prints available / original (SOLD)

Diamond Dreams #1  - 15" x 11.5"  (original(SOLD) /prints available)

Saturated Cathedrals - 16.5" x 10.5" (print / original: SOLD)

House Range - 22" x 13" (prints / original: SOLD)

Dreaming of Patagonia - 22" x 12.5"(original (SOLD) / prints available)

"Wild Iris" (International Climbers' Festival poster - 2014) - 13" x 15"

Cathedral Journal -  11" x 9"  ( prints available / original(SOLD)

Three Patriarchs    -  12" x 9"  (original: SOLD / prints available)

Granite Ghosts - 30" x 16" - Pen/ink

I Am Cholla - 22" x 30" - pen/ink (SOLD)

Cochise Drones - 22" x 30" - pen/ink. 

Raven Plummage - 22" x 30" - pen/ink

Basaltic Columns - 33" x 25" pen on mulberry paper (original only)
This drawing is a conceptual representation of the patterns as seen in the geological formation called, Basaltic Columns.  An example of this formation is Devils Tower, WY where the rock crystals' properties and its cooling process creates these wonderful hexagon shaped pillars.  Over the course of months, by utilizing thousands upon thousands of tiny hatch lines, I pieced together this representational basaltic column pattern.  

(Closeup) Basaltic Columns


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