Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Biking, Climbing, "The Naked Edge," Biking.....A Good Day!

       I recently received excellent feedback on one of my videos that read like this:  "I really enjoyed this video. It's one that starts with a message as simple as " 'what we did today,'" and transforms it into something that stirs deeply within all of us. Makes us ask ourselves deep questions and remember why we are compelled to search for that transcendent experience in the mountains."
       I am not always sure what compels me to create art - this misunderstanding may be what I enjoy most.  However, I value other interpretations of my art as much as my own.  I really appreciated this feedback.  It provokes self reflection and provides as much clarity as I could - maybe more.  While I am not capturing cutting edge climbers on first ascents - I am trying to share a little bit of myself and the connections between my adventures and the emotional responses elicited - maybe the same internal experience many other climbers have.  Utilizing my own music and drawings assists in the depiction of the human experience.
        I am prideful towards Boulder, CO.  The luxury of biking to multiple climbing areas from my house is occasionally taken for granted.  Warm up on the bike, climb, and finally enjoy the wind in my hair on the way home - what a great day!  This is a video of my friend Jake and I climbing "The Naked Edge," 5.11c in Elderado Canayon.  Such an excellent climb that I had to do it twice that week!

Biking, climbing, "The Naked Edge," Biking....a Good Day. from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.


  1. Dude - On that first rappel did you just put the rope directly throught the bolts?

  2. yah, they are metolius rap hangers. They are wider and have rounded edges - built to rap directly off of.

  3. Very nice video... I'm trying to work, but after seeing your video, I'm now daydreaming about climbing and wishing I was out on an adventure today. Can't wait for the weekend.

    Loved your music! Where can I find more of it? Right up my alley

  4. Thanks Steven. The only place I have my music at the moment is on my blog as one of my posts at the bottom of the front page as well as under the "music" pages at the top. There's a link to download my album. Thanks again for the feedback! Hope you find some time to get out climbing.