Monday, December 13, 2010

Spindrift: Climbing Diaries #3 (FUN RATING: 2)

Sometimes the weather makes a story. During my first ice climbing excursion of the season; persistent spindrift, sluffing, and wind produced quite an compelling experience on a very moderate route. Spindrift blew so violently into the snow-choked gully that breathing was challenging. While the ice was mediocre and the weather uncooperative, we savored the exquisite scenery and terrain indicative of Chasm Lake in  Rocky Mountain National Park, returning to the car without frostbite and only minor wind-burn.  On the Fun Scale, I gave this day a "2" - which means "not fun now but fun later."  This rating seems commonplace within the fun-scale rating of outdoor adventure.  Maybe the ubiquitous "feeling alive" is most easily appreciated with hindsight when we're dry and warm.

Spindrift from Craig Muderlak on


  1. nice work. i enjoyed the tone.


  2. Awesome! If you like video check out

    When I skied the North Face of Longs I had ridiculous spindrift so this video hit home! Thanks!

  3. I really enjoyed this video. It's one that starts with a message as simple as "what we did today," and transforms it into something that stirs deeply within all of us. Makes us ask ourselves deep questions and remember why we are compelled to search for that transcendent experience in the mountains.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Brian - Well-said! Reading what your comment not only reminds me why I enjoy being immersed in the mountains, but also imparted in me greater insight and self awareness about my style of filming.